Listing Guide & Helpful Tips

Follow the tips below to create your listing. 

For further information in listing your business contact our Admin Officer

Follow these tips and if at any stage you require assistance with any technical information or preparing imagery for your business,  please contact  


The Listing Image is what appears on the Bronze and Silver business listings and it is typically your company’s logo.

  • Images for Bronze and Silver Listings should be 822 x 597 pixels (canvas size)
  • All measurements are in pixels
  • The ideal resolution for web images is 72 to 80 dpi (any higher and it will slow down the loading time of your image)
  • Images must be png or jpg file  (.png preferred)
  • When naming the file use your company name (e.g. businessname.jpg or businessname.png)

While we prefer all artwork to be supplied at the correct sizes, we require a hi-res version of your logo at the very least as we can take care of the rest.

We’re here to help prepare this for you if required.


Silver Sponsors Ads are the Large Ads / Large Slideshow Ads.

The Silver Sponsors Large Ads are adverts which are static images.

The Silver Sponsors Slideshow Ads are adverts where the images appear in a slideshow carousel. 

They both feature on a number of pages of the Business Directory website and are included in the Silver Sponsor packages.

To arrange one of these Ads separate to your current listing, please contact Pickleball Australia Association Administration Officer via email

Bronze Sponsors Ads are the Small Ads.

The Bronze Sponsors Ad images are adverts included in the Bronze Sponsor package which appear usually on the right side of page throughout this business directory website.

To arrange one of these Ads separate to your current listing, please contact Pickleball Australia Association's Administration officer via email


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Terms & Conditions

  • These terms and conditions will apply to you every time you request to advertise in the Directory. Pickleball Australia Association (we, our or us) may vary or replace these terms at any time by giving you written notice of the variation or replacement terms.

  • You are taken to accept these terms each time you request to advertise, renew your advertisement or pay an annual advertising fee.

  • We have absolute discretion to refuse or reject any advertisement for any reason.

  • Prices are exclusive of GST and are valid as at the time provided.

  • If you request any variation to the service offered, we may increase the price payable.

  • You agree to pay to us, within 28 days of our invoice, the annual advertising fee set as published on the Business Directory Website for the level of advertising selected by you.

  • Advertisements will not be posted until full payment has been received.

  • Annual advertising fees are non-refundable where an advertisement is removed at any time and for any reason.

  • All amounts to be paid by you to us, being the consideration for the supply, are exclusive of GST.

  • You agree to pay to us, at the same time as any payment is made, the additional amount of GST, together with the payment to which it relates.

  • We agree to deliver to you a tax invoice as required by the GST Act.

  • All advertisements must be correct, accurate and appropriate for the intended audience.

  • You must take full responsibility for your own content, website and any goods and services you provide.

  • As per Pickleball Australia Association’s Sponsorship policy, advertising or promotion of any alcohol, gambling, tobacco products will not be permitted.

  • Listings for adult entertainment products will also not be permitted.


  • We may remove an advertisement from the Directory without notice at any time and for any reason.

  • You may at any time, in writing, request for your advertisement to be removed from the Directory.

  • We will use our best endeavors to remove your advertisement from the Directory within 30 days of receiving your request.


  • You warrant to us that your advertising:
    (a) is true and accurate in all respects;
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    (d) does not contravene any federal, state or territory act, regulation or other law.

  • You indemnify us against any loss, damage, demand, cost (including legal cost), expense or other liability arising from or attributable to your advertisement or any other breach by you of these terms.

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